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The logic behind "Market Sync" affords our clients the ability to target consumers with media that speaks to each generation. After all, which generation doesn't spend money with your business?

Today's technoogies force a different strategy for success. We have taken a holistic approach utilizing different media to target Baby Boomers, Generation "X" and the growing Generation "Y" consumers.

We belive it is most important to not only receive immediate Return on Investment, but to acquire additional data assets for future marketing campaigns.

One great advantage to partnering with Everything Marketing is efficiency and lack of waste which saves you time and money. Our clients' collective volume brings buying power which saves you money. A small to medium sized business will experience significant savings which equates to more promoting per dollar spent. By dealing with one vendor, you spend more time and energy doing business and less time dealing with media and sources.

Our purpose is to strengthen and grow your business. Every dollar invested has purpose which goes beyond the immediate return on investment. We at Everything Marketing realize the importance of return on investment, but in today's marketplace it's equally important to acquire assets for future marketing and loyalty strategies. This will be what separates you from your competitors in the marketplace.

At Everything Marketing, we realize no two businesses are exactly alike but all have two things in common. All face challenging economic circumstances and all must prepare their business for Generation "Y" consumers. The Generation "Y" consumer is over 70 million strong, between 16 and 30 years of age and communicate differently. In 5 years they will be the driving force of our economy. Businesses which choose to ignore this market shift will cease to exist by 2020. Every business has unique strengths and challenges. Many things must be considered when analyzing solutions for our clients.

Baby Boomers

Age 50 - 65

  • 78 Million Strong with females being 51% of that total.
  • 74% of all Boomers are currently working while 22.5% don't work at all.
  • 67% of Boomers are homeowners, 25% rent, and 8% have other arrangements.
  • They currently spend 13 hours per week online.
  • They hold $13 trillion in assets which represents over 50% of the entire asset base in the United States.

Generation "X"

Age 36 - 49

  • 50 million strong.
  • Highly educated and sophisticated group with more than 60% having attended higher education institutions.
  • "X"ers are unprecedented in diversity and are extremely pragmatic. They are the first generation to user in the digital age.
  • They are quality seekers; more likely to spend more for high quality products.
  • They are blazing their own paths as entrepreneurs. The next 5 years should see a rise in entrepreneurship.


Age 21 - 35

  • 70 million strong.
  • They spend $150 billion annually and influence an additional $50 billion from the Baby Boomers.
  • Online shopping tops $20 billion annually.
  • Average first time home buyer is 24 years younger than the agent and 38 years younger than the broker.
  • "Y"s spend over 24 hours each week online or instant messaging.
  • Their demands are great and they have short attention spans. Any retailer that ignors this demographic will not see 2020. They will have the biggest impact on the economy over the next 15 years.


Media Attributes & Generational Impact

Digital Display

  • Geo Targeted
  • Data Capture Capable
  • Quick To Market
  • 30% Market Coverage
  • Baby Boomers

  • Generation "X"

  • Millennials

Social Media

  • Word of Mouth on Steroids
  • Consumer Interation
  • Viral Marketing
  • Data Capture Capable
  • Baby Boomers

  • Generation "X"

  • Millennials

Email Marketing

  • Geo Targeted
  • Variable Message
  • Data Capture Capable
  • 30% Market Coverage
  • Baby Boomers

  • Generation "X"

  • Millennials

Mobile Texting

  • Quick to Market
  • Variable Offerings
  • Recipient Requested
  • Data Capture Capable
  • Baby Boomers

  • Generation "X"

  • Millennials

Print Mail

  • Saturation Coverage
  • Targetable & Trackable
  • Shelf Life
  • Variable Data Capable
  • Data Capture Capable
  • Baby Boomers

  • Generation "X"

  • Millennials

Data Capture

  • Through Redemption /Print Mail
  • Opt-In /Mobile
  • Registration / Questionnaire URL
  • Appended Data
  • Baby Boomers

  • Generation "X"

  • Millennials

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