What is Shared Mail Marketing?

Back in the 80’s, the US Postal Service decided that it would allow multiple advertisers to share the cost of third class mailing by combining their individual mail pieces into one package. This allows the same message to be sent to a larger audience due to a substantial savings from the cost of postage.

Reach every house in an area better than any other media available, and with unmatched strategy. Matching the superior distribution of “Shared” mail with our innovating large volume variable messaging is a powerful Marketing tool. Whether it’s utilized for branding/grand openings or detailed customer and customer acquisition strategies, you will be amazed at the response levels when using a well-planned “Shared” mail strategy.

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Expand Your Reach


Superior to any other media for reach and broadcasting. No media reaches every house better.


Variable Friendly


Get personal on a large scale


Couple all of the benefits and features of shared mail with the intelligence of variable data for a revenue generating powerhouse. Reach every home but send unique messages based on lifestyle, demographic, and economic data.




Shared mail has many uses


Perfect for corporate announcements, new customer promotions, brand awareness, or to enhance your existing customer intimacy. We not only reach the masses but we communicate to individuals. That’s a rare combination that is unmatched in the marketing world.

Leverage Shared Expenses

Join other advertisers in one mail piece and share in the cost of postage.

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