What is Direct Mail?

So many successful marketing initiatives still incorporate direct mail and they should considering it is still one of the leading methods of message presentation. With direct mail, you can present your product or service along with your promotion, make your offer statement, and close the sale all in the same piece. With direct mail, you have the ability to control specifics like targeting your message to a specific audience in an inexpensive medium. The direct mail message can be very personal which increases its appeal to the recipient. Probably the greatest advantage to using direct mail is its tracking capabilities. You will know who responded to what and where they are.  

We can assist you in implementing the cost efficient services that fit your marketing budget. Whether you are utilizing the extreme cost savings of Shared Mail or the one stop shop bulk mail discounts that you only find with companies that have an onsite post office (like us), either way… we can find a Direct Mail program that fits you.

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Very Personal


Variable data playground


Engage your audience through variables that will stimulate a response




Get as much as you give


Gain insight into your customer base. Understand what makes them respond, where they are located, and their preferences.


Leverage Habits


Mail readers do not have to be trained


Mail readers are already active and measureable meaning your piece will receive attention.

Get Exact and Personal

Make a statement with a mail piece that was designed specifically for the reader - thousands of times in one event.

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