What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing leverages electronic devices and modern technologies to provide marketing strategies that influence a desired audience to take action. This is an over simplified definition to something that is both a science and an art form. When we think digital marketing, we are prone to think in key terms like “mobile devices” and “modern technologies.” While this is accurate, it ignores some of the most important advantages of digital marketing like:  speed of delivery, demographics of audience, data mining, speed of data analytics, and ultimately the ability to deliver a message that comes to life.

Digital marketing is indeed the new frontier for advertisers and to leverage this powerful movement in our industry, the advertiser must understand a few things. First, the intended audience has many more choices and they choose to process or provide information. So understanding how the customer journey is interpreted, is job one. Second, the advertiser must understand that the customer has expectations that come from this type of communication. This is probably the most difficult to grasp because it is a moving target. Finally, the advertiser must have some way to measure effectiveness. Through the development of elaborate scenarios serving as metrics, and capturing responses to bring into the data analytics process.

Certainly, it is possible to assume these disciplines and take them in house, however; most organizations large and small find out quickly that they simply lack the resources to perform them successfully.

At Everything Marketing, we have found solace in this new era and use it hourly to measure the overall effectiveness of each of our client’s campaigns. Again, we would like to say it’s not rocket science, but we would not be very truthful. We just make it look easy.

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Email Blasts


Not All Spam


A good email campaign can be very beneficial. When done right, it’s not spam, it’s useful information relevant to the recipient. Coupling variable data with the instant delivery of email is a winning combination.


Mobile Friendly


Get in on over half of all searches 


Mobile devices have surpassed personal computers for online searches. More importantly, so many people live by this device sitting in their hands. SMS text message campaigns, and mobile friendly marketing strategies allow you to speak a critical language to a mass of individuals who move quickly… you marketing can too.


SEM and Digital Display


Search Engine Marketing and Digital Display are Critical


Online advertising is very important. Depending on your goals and opportunities for customer interaction line, we can find the right online campaign for you. Show up at the top of critical search pages or on the side of key websites your customers and potential customers visit every day. That’s what we do for you.

It's almost cliche now...

"Technology is always changing at such a rapid rate. It's hard to keep up." But this is not just a simple statement to organizations with a message they are trying to get out to the masses. It is often a complicated and daunting endeavor. Keep ahead of the "modern trends" and stay relevant with your future customers by speaking their language. We're already there.

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